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Holdway Customs solid Titanium S&W (full-size) M&P back plates are live on the site! Several different designs are live under the products tab on the home page. The only thing that limits you on the design of a custom laser engraved back plate is your imagination, and of course a few coins! Email or DM us on social media and let us know what your looking for and we will make it happen!

I’m much better at making back plates than I am at building and running at website, so if it’s not here or the site is not acting right, email me or DM me on social media and I’ll get you what you’d like.

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Holdway Customs is a Law Enforcement and Veteran owned and operated business.  The owners, Brad and his wife Laurel,operate their business out of Kingman, AZ. and formally established the business in 2017.   

Brad is a sworn Arizona Law Enforcement Officer.  His current duties include being a Patrol Sergeant, Team Leader for a 12 man SWAT Team, lead Firearms Instructor, AZ POST Subject Matter Expert in Firearms and a department armorer.   Laurel is currently in the medical field and is a 10 year veteran of the United States Army.

As a law enforcement and veteran owned/operated business, Holdway Customs takes seriously its mission to customize and enhance life-saving tools, specializing in laser engraving, custom stippling and Cerakote, aftermarket additions and full builds.   

Holdway Customs is a full service FFL/SOT dealer in Firearms, Silencers, FullAuto Machine Guns and SBR’s.